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About us

Service d’accueil et d’inclusion francophone – SK (SAIF-SK) is the Francophone Welcome & Inclusion Services of Saskatchewan.  We offer settlement services to French-speaking/Francophone newcomers or to anyone wanting to be part of the Francophone community.

We offer personalized assistance ensuring a successful settlement and integration in Saskatchewan. Our dedicated staff will provide valuable advice and support every step of the way.                                                                                                                                                     

SAIF-SK was created in April 2020. The Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF) has set up this subsidiary dedicated solely to welcome and inclusion services for the Francophone community of Saskatchewan.

Since 1912, the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF) has been the voice of the Francophone population of Saskatchewan. Its objective is to protect, defend and promote the rights of Francophones in the province of Saskatchewan. The Francophone community has been involved with immigration since its creation, but since 2002 as an organization responsible for immigration, it actively promotes it and offers various activities and programs

Our Team


Vision / Mission / Mandate

Vision :  Our vision is that of a growing, diverse, inclusive, dynamic and forward-looking Fransaskois community.

Mission :  SAIF-SK is the French-speaking gateway to welcome and help newcomers become active participants in Canadian society and to involve the Fransaskois community in their welcome and inclusion. These efforts will promote the growth of the French-speaking population and the expansion of services being offered in French throughout Saskatchewan while contributing to its economic growth.

Mandate : The SAIF-SK ensures several fundamental functions within the Fransaskois community. It provides social, cultural, economic and educational referrals for Francophone newcomers to Saskatchewan, in particular by ensuring availability to necessary services and programs. This also sensitizes our community members on the benefits and importance of cultural diversity and immigration, while contributing to the growth of the Francophones in Saskatchewan.

Predeparture Services

  • Pre-arrival information, referrals and settlement assistance;
  • Support to facilitate social and professional integration before arrival;
  • French-language services and information on Saskatchewan's Francophone communities, and a better understanding of Canadian society;
  • Our partners ensure continuity of services after arrival.

The pre-departure service is part of a federal and innovative project, funded and supported by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, with the aim of harmonizing and streamlining the reception of French-speaking newcomers.  The pre-departure service is offered in partnership with l’Accueil francophone du Manitoba), which is coordinating the project.

We have a long history of working with embassies abroad and have developed working relationships with several Canadian embassies and consulates. Over the past 15 years, our organization has participated in events such as Destination Canada and has led or participated in exploratory missions in France, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, Mauritius and Romania, contributing to the more than 1,500 Francophone newcomers who have settled in Saskatchewan over the past five years.

The implementation of pre-departure services means that these many contacts allow for better orientation before arrival for selected candidates and provide valuable comparative information to better understand the differences and similarities, whether related to family, culture, or climate, allowing for a judicious choice as well as connecting the newcomers to our settlement team upon arrival.


  • Initial needs analysis and settlement plan;
  • Support for government administrative red tape;
  • Taking into account different individual needs;
  • Assistance in the search for housing, doctor, school, childcare;
  • Assistance in accessing public services;
  • Interpretation services during formal meetings;
  • Free public notary service

We provide information and orientation packages to newcomers, providing valuable information about the new community.

The next step is to analyze the needs of newcomers and develop a settlement plan with our settlement counsellors; follow-up initial paperwork such as:

(health card, social insurance number; cell phone purchases, safety workboots, etc.) in addition, we provide practical local information (transportation services, health professional information, training centres, municipal or regional recreation options, etc.).

Settlement Workers in Schools

  • Homework Club
  • School system adaptation workshops
  • Follow-ups with families
  • Information sessions on extracurricular activities
  • Information sessions on parental involvement

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)  is a school-based outreach program that aims at helping newcomer students and their families settle in their schools and communities. It seeks to promote integration by bringing cultural awareness and understanding.

Information and Orientation

  • Workshops and information sessions adapted to your individual needs;
  • Useful information to familiarize yourself with your new environment and the Canadian system;
  • Focus on active participation in the Francophone community;

During the settlement stage, SAIF-SK facilitates childcare enrolment and helps navigate and enroll in the various education systems available, either in the Francophone, Catholic or Public School Systems offering programs in French, French immersion.  We offer assistance with registration and testing for language courses (English/French), as well as offering translation, interpretation and coaching services for health care needs or driving a vehicle. We also offer notary services for document certification, affidavits, oaths, power of attorney, etc.

Inclusion / Community Connections

  • Community integration;
  • Volunteering opportunities;
  • Orientation regarding children programs;
  • Information regarding community activities;
  • French conversation circles
  • Summer camps for children
  • Awesome discoveries in Saskatchewan

With the development of community connections, SAIF-SK explores community programming and cultural activities. It encourages volunteerism and involvement in the community or neighbourhood in order to live new experiences and develop skills. Also, to create links and opportunities to facilitate access to employment. It is important to introduce parents and children to various youth programs and activities, such as day camps, summer camps and various sports teams. SAIF-SK, along with several community partners, offer thematic workshops, either in a group or individually, in various fields such as: law, history, security, finance, health, computer science, roles of parents etc.